Predictionand Optimizationof WeldingBead Shape Parametersin Stainless Steel Cladding


  • Sambaturu Gopi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aditya Engineering College, Madanapalli, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India


optimisation, bead shape parameters, Flux core arc welding, cladding


In this paper, the process parameters for the optimum weld bead in the flux cored arc welding (FCAW) of super duplex stainles steel is posed on mild steel (IS-2062). Conducting the experiment and take the input and out process parameters for the further process. The structure of the welding bead has many consistency characteristics, such as the front height, width, the back height, width and the penetration depth of the welding bead. In order to consider these quality attributes together in the proper selection parameters, the modificatied artifical neural networks approach is used to evalute the optimization of each welding process parameter of weild bead geometry and also to define with optimum weilding bead geometry




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