Impact of Various Parameters on Buildings Which are Pre- Engineered


  • P. Aditya Milind Freelancer Designer and Researcher, Ganesh Krupa, Jogale Aali, Dapoli, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra, India


pre-engineered building, conventional building, steel structure, steel consumption.


The experimental study is conducted to analyze the effect of different parameters on pre-engineered buildings and comparison of pre-engineered building with conventional building. In first stage effect on structure for different roof angles and bay spacing is checked and the optimum structure is selected. Further effect of column height on structure are studied. Comparison made based on steel consumption, displacement, base reaction and moment values. From the models most optimized is selected and compared with conventional roof truss model. From pre-engineered buildings model with height 5.45m, roof angle 5.71° and bay spacing 7m is selected and compared with conventional structure of same properties but deigned using truss members. Finally results shows that pre engineered buildings are optimum and reduces steel consumption by approximately 25-30%.



2021-01-10 — Updated on 2021-09-10


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